Norwich RiverCare

RiverCare and BeachCare are grass roots, action led initiatives which aim to bring about positive change to the aquatic environment through direct action by volunteers. The project is delivered by Keep Britain Tidy, a national environmental charity, in partnership with Anglian Water.

Pub and Paddle have, together with RiverCare, set up the Pub and Paddle RiverCare volunteer group. Our aim is to clean the river Wensum that runs through our city by going out in our canoes picking litter from the river.

We are looking for keen volunteers, who are experienced canoers, to join our events! Please note you need to have previous canoeing experience as we will be picking litter and moving around in the canoes, which is not suitable for inexperienced canoers.


***Event dates will be list as soon as this info is available. You will also be able to register for the events online***